Jun 17

AI Developments That Will Shape 2021

The year 2020 has been a great taste for our “technologically advanced” society. This first pandemic of that so-called “modern era” has put every technological advancement in front of a huge question mark! It was a time that put us all to introspect about all our tall claims regarding technological advancement.
To counter that pandemic, the experts worldwide literally threw whatever weapons were available to them. Consequently, many of the latest technologies were also put to the taste during that same period. One such technology is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

AI is the human-like intelligence in the machine with consciousness and emotion. However, AI is way more powerful than humans, and it also works at an astronomically fast speed. The year 2021 has witnessed many groundbreaking and successful AI applications that will change the coming years altogether.

Here are some of the applications of AI that is going to shape the future:

AI in Human Resource:

AI in human resources would bring a huge difference to society. Experts say the human race’s most basic needs will be solved at a low cost and includes synthetically produced medicines, shelters, clothes, and foods.
Shortly, many professions are going to be replaced by AI technology. Few of such occupations are drivers, radiologists, pathologists, security guards, accountants, lawyers, cashiers, stockbrokers, data scientists, and many others. Government and policymakers should place a concrete rehabilitation plan well in advance for that vast workforce.

On the contrary, many professions where “human-touch” is evident will flourish in the future. Few of such occupations are babysitters, nurses, therapists, school teachers, social workers, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, skilled technologists, artists, novelists, creative professionals, inventors, and many such unique professions.

AI in Healthcare:

The invention of vaccines used to take years to develop. However, with AI technology, scientists around the world have created history! First time in human history, we have developed the COVID vaccine within three months for trial purposes, and within less than one year of a pandemic, the vaccines were ready for the masses. The application of AI in healthcare has transformed the entire process drastically. It has analyzed and identified the immunogenic strain in the virus and helped researchers worldwide to develop the most effective vaccines at an astronomically faster speed.

Thanks to the various AI-enabled ground-breaking developments, the healthcare sector will change forever and for good. There will be a faster detection of many life-threatening diseases that otherwise goes unnoticed for a prolonged period. The manufacturing of life-saving medicines would be way more efficient and cost-effective. The AI-enabled systems would monitor many critical aspects of healthcare sectors, and it will reduce the cost of human intervention by many folds. That would decrease the cost of treatment drastically.

AI in Manufacturing & Production:

The manufacturing industry is going to witness massive changes in its operations. AI will control many aspects of that manufacturing sector, starting from perfecting the workplace safety and security system automatically to eliminating skill insufficiency at the workplace by introducing a data-driven mechanism.
Agricultural production is going to witness enormous changes. The introduction of AI in Agricultural Technology is going to bring the second food revolution in the world. The AI-enabled new-age farms would be highly self-sufficient in predicting weather conditions and requirements for crops.

AI in Information Technology(IT):

The AI-enabled development in the IT sector is going to be outrageous! According to studies, 86% of tech-based companies have shifted their customer support system primarily to AI. Out of those companies, 25% are expecting considerable profits in coming years because of that decisions. AI is also taking charge of demand projection, simulation modeling, and workforce planning!
Customer-centric industries, including e-commerce, financial companies, etc., will adapt AI for better service. The companies would highly depend on complex data-driven technologies. The software companies would develop more comprehensive and user-friendly technologies with the help of AI.

There will be demand from the companies to design holistic AI-enabled systems to address all their needs. Meanwhile, that juvenile technology will make more mistakes than ever before, and companies also have to prepare to defend that technology against all sorts of lawsuits.

AI in Security:

The entire army and security system needs to be revamped, and the application of AI in the security system is inevitable. The high-speed application scope of that technology can eliminate many threats well in advance.
The very first threat is cyber-attacks with misinformation on social media and all other public platforms. Any kind of misleading information on these platforms can create a massive crisis at the domestic or international level. AI would eliminate the threat in a faster and smarter way by marking and blocking those pieces of misinformation.
The second most vulnerable and compromised sector is the financial sector. Since the modern financial sector is almost entirely tech-enabled, cyber-attacks occur more often than ever before. Fortunately, AI would eliminate all kinds of threats from that sector by identifying and blocking all types of criminal activities most promptly and effectively.

AI in Renewable Energy Sectors:

According to the experts, the application of AI in the renewable energy sector can be a game-changer. It can be used in demand forecasting and also in critical asset management. Above all, the automation capabilities of that technology would increase the entire system’s efficiency level by many folds.

The year 2021 is going to witness a new wave of changes in almost every sector. The changes introduced by AI are going to solve many crucial crises of human history. It will create a better world where plenty of resources would be available for the masses. Consequently, it would create immense leisure and opportunity for humankind to design and develop beautiful things for society and nature.
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