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CES Companies Predict The World In 10 Years

We’re officially in the age of modern-day technology. What a beautiful time to be alive!
It’s safe to say that the present we’re living in is, word for word, the exact future our previous generations had envisioned.

Just look around! Androids, Artificial intelligence, Space travel — innovations that were only found realistic in a Star Wars episode 12 years ago have turned into a reality today. Our standards of living have transformed unbelievably within the last decade.

Have you ever wondered, if THIS is how technologically advanced we’ve gotten in the last 10 years, how far will we go in the next 10 years? Everyone does, once in a while.

Let’s hear what the founders and presidents of the top CES companies in the world have been predicting about the future.

What is CES?

Let’s cover the basics before we dive in. CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is where ideas that change the world are born.

Popularly renowned as the world’s most influential tech-centric event, CES is a show hosted by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) where the largest names in the industry are invited to build partnerships and do business.

Predictions By Top CES Companies In The World

1. Everett Eissenstat (Senior Vice President of Global Public Policy, General Motors)

General Motors is one of those brands that gearheads would suggest when you’re asking for car suggestions that are ahead of their time. Everett Eissenstat, one of the senior vice presidents at GM, had shared that EVs (Electric Vehicle) are going to take over the world in the next 10 years.

Electric-operated vehicles and autonomous tech, when brought together, can revolutionize the way automobile customs are seen. The GM Ultium platform is currently developing ways where EVs can be modified without disrupting the zero-emission standards.

Besides, smart connectivity and tech are also underway to enhance the overall travel experience.

2. Robbie Cabral (CEO/Founder, Benjilock)

Speak of visionary and entrepreneurial spirit that changed the world, here’s someone who has it on lock. Robie Cabral, award-winning CEO of Benjilock has some words on how to do business in the next 10 years, to the budding entrepreneurs across the globe.

Cabral has shared that the pandemic has created millions of inefficiencies around the world. This opens new doors for entrepreneurs to launch their first start-ups.

Here, the key to successfully landing deals and partnerships is being unapologetically authentic. Once you start taking control of things by being yourself confidently, everything will pan out just right.

3. Luke Motschenbacher (Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Best Buy)

Conversations about the future of business will always be incomplete without discussing what it holds for the global retail industry.

Motschenbacher shares that retail is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced markets in the world today if compared with where it was 10 years ago.

Luke predicts that the next 10 years will witness an even more enhanced shopping atmosphere. Personalizing options will be made unbelievably advanced to give the consumers the freedom to choose what they want when they want.

The Bottom Line

The industry visionaries from the leading CES brands have shared some insightful predictions about how the world will function in the next 10 years.

But as we look around, it’s not tough to notice that the seed for further change has already been planted. Who knows? We may reach all the way there in half the time.

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