Oct 5

Meet Carli.ai

Welcome Tech Angels! We have new investment opportunities coming in and we want to share them with you on the daily. Here’s the first one we want to introduce you too:

Meet Carli
Carli is a live platform on it’s way to MVP 2 with major players already looking in her direction. Carli is your all in one social media efficiency coordinator. With Carli you create a new feed that pulls the information from your Facebook groups that you want to see. The group moderator adds Carli to the group and the users enter what keywords they are interested in, filtering the results in minutes.

Remember —

Four reasons to invest:

  1. If you would use it, you might as well own it.
  2. If you like the co-founder.
  3. If you like the economic model.
  4. Do you align with the mission of the company?
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