Meet Dr. Ben Lerner

"Be the next miracle to shock the world."

Dr. Ben's mission is to save lives, transform communities, and make the world a better place for people to live.

Dr. Ben Lerner is the President/CEO of the Ultimate Influence Group (UIG). UIG owns, manages, and has invested in multiple companies and start-ups in tech, finance, marketing, real estate, manufacturing, consulting, and coaching. He has written two NY Times Best-Selling books, traveled to four Olympics as a U.S. Team doctor, and is a Strategic Advisor for CILA Labs.

Dr. Lerner has a Bachelor’s in Nutrition, a Master’s in I/O Psychology, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and is finishing a Doctorate in Business Administration.  He has utilized his healthcare and business training to build a manufacturing and franchising organization with over 100 locations and develop processes for another 500 locations to operate as licensees now known as MaxLiving which he exited from in 2017.

He places a strong focus on innovation, financial growth, quick go-to-market strategies, and succeeding during chaotic times. Adding revenue streams, strategic planning, improving technology, and optimizing community and on-line marketing are core elements he addresses when starting up, managing a company, or coming in to advise. 
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