The #1 Investment So That You Never Need To Think About Money Ever Again

Why Every Accredited Human Must Allocate A Portion Of Their Investment Portfolio Into Early Stage Technology

What If You Never Had To Think About Money Again?

Watch as Jared Yellin and Dr. Ben Lerner explain why every accredited human must allocate a portion of their investment portfolio into early stage technology. Facts, case studies — real information for you to make the investment decisions that are right for YOU!
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The First Network For Mission-Driven Humans Who Yearn To Connect With Like-Minded People While Benefiting From Early Investment Access To Some Of The Most Innovative Tech Companies In The World

Angel Investor Network

Gain access to up to 5 exclusive early stage tech investment opportunities per month from the CILA Labs Portfolio.
The Parent Company of ChangeMaker Ventures is CILA Labs which is a technology incubator poised to launch 10,000 tech companies by 2031. As a member of ChangeMaker Ventures, you will have early access to invest in any of these companies in an angel round where the minimum investment is only $10,000 in exchange for equity.  
Your investment will help take an idea from a piece of paper to MVP status (Minimal Viable Product). 
Investing in early stage technology is the single greatest way to build a financial legacy.

Behind The Scenes

Our Parent Company will go down in history as the most innovative company and you will gain behind the scenes access!
As a member of ChangeMaker Ventures you will get invitations to roundtable discussions with the goal of solving inefficiencies that exist within every industry, community, and the world. 
We will discuss, health, construction, farming, social media optimization, affiliate marketing, project management, podcasting, AR/VR, investing and more!
Plus, your voice will be heard during private ideation sessions for new portfolio companies that are finalizing the product specs prior to any fundraising. Imagine being able to build the software of your dreams to solve a specific challenge you are experiencing! That’s what behind the scenes access offers you! 

Technology Education

Technology is taking over the world and it’s important to understand the trends and what’s to come.
We are bringing some of the greatest minds in tech directly to our members so that you can learn about various tech trends, what to look for when investing in technology, what’s working from a go-to-market standpoint and so much more. 
From Venture Capitalists to Tech Founders to Consultants and more, you will learn from the most relevant people. 
Increasing your technology IQ will serve you in many ways even outside of ChangeMaker Ventures and while you learn you can also connect with other members of our powerful community inside of the portal. These relationships will prove to be immensely valuable as you begin to immerse yourself into the world of tech! 

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We only have four criteria and if you can check all of these boxes then you found your tribe!
  • Accredited (SEC Requirement)
  • Mission-Driven
  • Desire To Connect With Like-Minded People
  • Eager To Make A Difference
ChangeMaker Ventures is absolutely in a league of its own, and for the right person is a dream come true to create a financial legacy, be part of the most meaningful innovation that has ever existed before, and to learn about the latest tech trends and how to pick the right tech investments."
Jared Yellin
Co-Founder of ChangeMaker Ventures
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