Why Invest In Tech

If/when you invest in any of the tech opportunities you will embark on the most exhilarating adventure of your career life…
There is no better place to learn business, entrepreneurship, and truly how to HAVE IT ALL than being inside of a tech company that is in the IDEA phase and rapidly evolving into the launch and forever go-to-market.

We genuinely hope you invest in at least one tech company and ideally one a year, because allocating a portion of your investment portfolio to early stage tech companies is the most impactful thing you can do for the legacy you are building and eventually will leave behind.
Please give us a moment to back this bold statement…
Let’s take a look at a moment at the challenges associated with establishing real wealth through small business ownership and for the record, real wealth means not having to ever think about money ever again. Sound cool?!?!
The average small business sells for 2-4 times EBITDA This means that a gym, accounting firm, convenient store, or landscaping business profiting $200K/year will probably sell, if they can get a buyer, at $400,000-$800,000 after a many many year track record. 
When you look at the service industry, Chiropractor, Dentist, Massage, Salon, Personal Training, etc. the average business will sell at 1-1.5 times EBITDA. This ends up equating to 80-85% of the gross revenue for ONE year.
Do you want to hear an extremely disturbing, yet VERY real story from a well-known chiropractic practice brokerage?
Take a look at this:
Well established 66 year generational chiropractic practice collecting $402,811.00/year.
Profits: Not Disclosed
Asking price: $325,000
Seller financing Available On Request
The exit after 66 years is only $325,000! That’s a whole lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears for a little less than $5,000 in equity/year which means that REAL WEALTH is almost impossible to attain through small business ownership which is defined as never having to think about money ever again. 
But what about my real estate investment portfolio?!?! This will create REAL WEALTH...right?
The answer for the vast majority of people is no. However, real estate can be an extremely sound investment given the right timing, the right deal, and the right type (single family, multi-family, or commercial), yet, doing real estate on the side of your normal business very rarely makes anyone wealthy.  
According to Forbes, with mortgage payments to contend with and a tough competition, you may only be able to profit $200 to $400 per month on a property. That's $4,800 a year which means if your goal is to make $50,000/year on your real estate investments you need 10 properties!!! And since most people only pursue real estate as a side-hustle, it’s far more common that someone loses rather than makes money in real estate. 
You’ll often hear of someone saying they sold their property for double. However, if they held the house for 5 years before it “doubled” and you take out: 5x taxes, insurance, maintenance, and replacement costs there is modest profit left for the risk, stress, and work. 

The very top land developers in the world, those fully vested in real estate, report 10-12% returns, but for the common folk, real estate investments will generate 6-8% if you are lucky and work very hard. Once again, these are solid returns in any investment portfolio when done well, but unlikely to generate real wealth or replace someone’s income.

This is why we say…

A portion of your investment portfolio MUST be invested in early stage tech companies that are privately owned so that you can experience the potential limitless scale and wild valuations associated with a product that solves a problem.

And if you are still not convinced, just take a look at these stories because this CAN be YOU when you join ChangeMaker Ventures and make comfortable investments into some of our exclusive early-stage tech companies.
  • Andreessen Horowitz invested $250k in Instagram. Two years later it was bought for $1B by Facebook, returning a 312x return, or $78M on that initial $250k.
  • WhatsApp turned an initial $250,000 investment into a $22 billion acquisition by Facebook.
  • Mercari operates a booming online, app-based flea market. The original raise had a 53x return of $3.7 billion. 
  • Angel investors raised $1 million for Groupon now worth $13 billion.
  • When Snap Inc. (Snapchat) went public in 2017 at a $25 billion valuation, it was the second-highest valuation at exit of any social media and messaging company since 1999. This started with a seed round of $480,000.

Here are common returns on small, low risk, equity investments into early-stage tech companies:
  • 2% equity in a $10-million tech exit is a $200,000 return.
  • 2% equity in a $100-million tech exit is a $2 million return.
  • 5% equity of a $1-billion tech exit $50 million return.
We are not sharing these stats to hype you up AT ALL, but so that you can see how to build REAL WEALTH where you never need to think about money ever again. 
In addition, you also will collect dividends as a rule of the process with the goal of getting your investment returned prior to an exit.
For example…
Let’s pretend you invest $50,000 into an early-stage tech company once you join ChangeMaker Ventures and the company is valued at $1,500,000 on Day 1. 
Your investment will earn you 3.33% equity in the company.
Let’s pretend that the company offers quarterly profit distributions of $1,000,000.
This would mean that every quarter you would earn $33,000 which means that after 6-months you already earned back your initial investment.
Now, let’s pretend this company gets purchased for $30,000,000 in three years. 
You would have earned $33,000 each quarter ($396,000) plus almost $1,000,000 on the tech exit. 
This is a $1.4 million return on a $50,000 investment. 
YES, this company could have gone to ZERO and you could have lost all of your $50,000, but it’s a 10X Incubator company which reduces a TON of the risk and you're investment in the stock market or real estate could also go to ZERO as well and we are positive that it can’t reach $1,400,000 in three years on such a small investment the same your investment into an early-stage tech company has. 
Okay, assuming you say YES to at least one investment opportunity that excites you after joining ChangeMaker Ventures, the following will take place:
Equity: Your investment in any tech company will earn you a percentage of equity in the company which is VERY cool for you because there is no better time for an investor to put money into a tech idea than the idea phase because the valuation is structured in your favor (i.e. a small financial investment provides you with a meaningful amount of equity.) You will win through distributions and a future exit as well.
Founder Virtual Meetup: When you invest, you are getting the next level of access because you will have the opportunity to meet the Founders of the tech company which 10X Incubator is always a part of. This means getting to know Jared Yellin, Dr. Ben Lerner, the other co-founder and other advisors and investors as well. Your relationship capital will 10x the moment you invest in any idea. 
Invitation to Demo Day: Demo Day happens at least 1x every 60-days and it’s off-the-charts cool because you will begin to see the idea from a piece of paper evolve into a tech product that can change the world. Your feedback will be heard and we welcome you to participate in every demo day or as many as you desire. 

Participation in Go-To-Market (GTM) Meetings:
GTM Meetings will absolutely transcend into your main thing because what you will learn by seeing how we prepare for GTM and then execute on GTM forever is directly applicable to every business on the planet. These strategy sessions are exciting and thought-provoking and you will be invited at least monthly. 
Behind the Scenes Access: There is nowhere you can learn more than behind the scenes of a tech company that is rapidly evolving from an idea on paper to a real company. You will see everything from the wins, challenges, insane decision making, hiring, expanding, and other things that we can’t even predict. The behind the scenes is worth your entire investment simply by what you will learn and gain. 
On-Going Updates: You will participate in the monthly rhythm and cadence of tech improvements, sales opportunities, wins, challenges, and everything else that is involved with being part of a tech company.
If investing in IDEA phase technology is not exciting, we don’t know what would be because gaining access to this type of opportunity, although there is always risk, is the single greatest way to build and leave a financial legacy for yourself and your family and your future family as well.

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